Monday, February 23, 2015

When YOU are the divide!

Think of something like are the divide...between two distinct spaces. You belong to both the ends, but neither of them belongs to you. And it is your onus to evolve...transcend from being a 'divide' to a 'connecting link'.

No side bothers to listen to you, no side cares if you are heard or not. But you must cater to both. You must take the initiative to understand them, their goals, objectives...which direction they are heading towards. You must gather the resources yourself to create a scope wherein you are heard. Rather, you must create the opportunities. For you to sustain yourself, you must see to it that both sides need you.

Now look at it this way. Let's just say both these sides are not two groups of people, but two times/goals/professions with a disconnect. Think about a person in coma for years, waking up to live in a seemingly disconnected time. Your memories may haunt you or cajole you, but your future demands be there, in that moment of present! Nothing else divides both these times, apart from you yourself. It is your inside that is dividing you between these two distinct spaces. Or say you come from a humble background, doing a petty job but you see yourself running an industry that can employ some hundred people, ten years from now. Or take this very simple instance, say you are working as the quintessential software engineer but you want to be a full-time photographer because that is where your heart lies. That kind of journey is not easy. It cannot be sudden. You can't just leave what you are doing all of a sudden and jump to the next level. Adventurous it might be... to do so, but it is not that practical an option.

But...some times life can throw such adventures at you...say like these, here. Sometimes, you might just have to transcend that disconnect and jump to that next level, like the quantum jump of that electron from one stable state to the other when it is excited*.

I like the words Santanu says there in that video - "There comes a time when a voice inside starts shouting. Listen to it. Howsoever illogical it may seem at that moment, more often than not, you will transcend to the next layer!" Because within a given life time, there is only 'one life' to live...though means might be many, to make it fulfilling and happy.


*It is when I was searching for the mechanism behind Quantum Jumping of an electron that I encountered the Quantum Jumping (across Parallell Universes) process being advertised by Vishen and Burt. Anyway, I don't know the credibility of this process...whether it has been tried and tested...I've never tried to practise that myself, so please know that any mentions of it in my blog are purely for reference purposes, I'm not vouching for any of them. I personally don't understand why a person in one Universe should tap into other Universe at all, in a given life time. It seems essential and pertinent to be in sync and harmony with a given Universe, one's own Universe, whose Time one belongs to. Why confuse or burden oneself with an alien self? To tap into that so-called infinite potential by NOT living in the moment, to me doesn't seem like living, but hopping and consuming life with Multiple Personality Disorder. At the end of the day one wouldn't understand which "I" is "I", which self is one's own self, which life is one's own life. Maybe the word "own" ceases to make sense then! Okka life nee eedavaleeka edusthunteee, avasaramaa evarikinaa alaanti talakaaya noppi?

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