Thursday, June 30, 2016


It seems, Ancient Civilisations knew how to adapt to seasonal changes. Now, at the risk of generalising and sounding cliched I make this statement - Today's man is gradually moulding himself so as to force nature to adapt to his needs[1]. And without his awareness he is also altering nature greatly in ways that deteriorate both nature and man. Why me? Any second person on this earth would make such statements. But the reason I take these ideas seriously and write them in my blog is because I'm being affected by all this seriously.

Now, take any random case to serve as subject for discussing this issue. Say, cut-throat speeds being aimed for Internet. Before some 50 years Internet was restricted to some reserved groups in US, say military and the like. Now it's being used by more than half of the World's population! Now, anybody would ask what's the harm in it. Undoubtedly, Internet does more good than harm. Internet as a medium of Communication, Entertainment and Education has bridged gaps between people and communities. That it decreased 'real' socialising of people is another thing, but who cares, people don't even want it. So, that's fine and let's keep that minor self-imposed drawback aside[2] and discuss the issue. Then what's the harm I've been remotely referring to? Internet perhaps is man's greatest invention/creation and it perhaps has done greatest good to man in the recorded history. If there was any major harm ever because of Internet, it is for Earth.

In the process of my Awakening, I received certain pieces of information regarding this from the Cosmic Awareness (Call it whatever you want to, God, Cosmic Consciousness etc etc).

1. That, the high buzz of frequencies being created for Internet/Mobile Communication has been jamming Earth's Consciousness and has been giving it more than serious headaches. Headaches so extreme that if a human being were to experience this, he/she would take a leave from his/her job, take a tablet and head for a good nap. But unfortunately, Earth cannot take leave from its job of being a home to us carrying out its mundane jobs of orbiting round the Sun, rotating around itself and bearing the brunt of human activities (to list a few) apart from having to evolve geologically so as to gradually 'create resources' (minerals, fuels etc) for future generations.

2. Another serious concern is that, a lot of precious metals used in the manufacturing of Electronic gadgets (which we use and THROW every two years (I'm staying optimistic here!)) are indeed very very essential for Earth. They are NOT a bunch of materials kept at the disposal of human beings solely for their service! Apparently they are important elements in the Electromagnetic framework of Earth while handling extra-terrestrial radiations. It is a known fact that Earth has a strong magnetic field to deflect charged particles, solar flare radiations and other harmful/high energy cosmic radiations while Mars doesn't have that very Magnetic field to guard itself against them and hence is relatively vulnerable to space weather. It is this strength of Earth that is being hit by the depletion of those precious elements.

Now, maybe these two pieces of information are already known to humanity through some scientific research or something[3]. So no, I'm not blaming humanity for its levels of ignorance. Many or atleast the scientific elite must be aware of these things by all means. Infact, it's me who does not have any "scientific" means to corroborate my propositions! It's nothing more than pure awareness of facts (as per my belief) for me, it's not any scientific deduction and on the outset, to anybody, it would seem that I'm privileged to have gained this awareness[4] so "easily" and that others are not privileged. On the other hand, a science person would have arrived at these conclusions scientifically.

Whatever be the way, it is good that people are aware of it somehow. But what is disheartening is that people know of the error after tremendous damage has happened. So any action being taken is corrective(punitive), it is never preventive!

What I argue is, there is a core-element of connection and sense of oneness with nature that is being gradually erased from man. If that element was there, the action need not be corrective or trial and error. As people innovate technologies for their own well-being and comfort they would at the same time do their best to exercise enough care to check the impact of the technology on Earth. They would bear in mind that their technologies should not be detrimental to Earth and hence Humanity and they would try to minimise the impact if not nullify it. It is this element that is seriously lacking in man today.

When I bring up these problems with people, the first thing they would say is - "How do you think you can solve it? A lot of money is being made anyway, so what's the point?", as if by venting out the problem I claimed to have the capacity to solve it!!!

A child would go and complain to her parent/sibling in case it faces a problem. Even an adult woman would complain to her husband about her problems. One would complain about a problem because they are being affected by it, not because they are "all equipped" to solve it, not even because they are expecting the other person to solve it. The focus is to emphasise that THERE IS INDEED A PROBLEM. Their response has always made me feel that humanity in general thinks (assumes) that these problems are beyond solution or rather that they do NOT need a solution, because pain of Earth (even if they were to believe my ideas) subconsciously is not of high priority to them. They are like let's see...we will not be there anyway to see the repercussions, so why care? (which I agree is by all means a genuine way of responding to life's problems!)

I would be happy if the responses were at least like - "How do you know? If you knew it, others too must be knowing it!", "Oh really? Are you sure?", ,"Oh I didn't know all this! This is interesting, well let me educate myself about this and then we will have a better discussion!"[5] My focus is NOT on the extent to which they buy the information at hand. It is more about the fact that everybody subconsciously believes that these problems are NOT problems at all, that they are only the "results" of development. Their tone of response is like - "Seriously, you seem so kiddish that you complain about development, it has side-effects so just learn to live with them". Keeping my interactions aside too, people these days stopped viewing Earth as a living being, many feel Science would anyway progress to that extent wherein it can find future generations a new habitat...if not this Earth, another one, is what they feel. I wonder, if they would feel the same way towards their own life or their loved one's life?

To me, all this indicates that humanity is beyond reform by merely educating it about the repercussions of its deeds. It has long surpassed that stage. Maybe it wants to change, but it is not equipped anymore to work towards that change. The only way to go then is - The change has to be forcefully impinged on it, so that it would just "adapt" to the aftermath. Failing which, humanity (I know, me included) would just succumb to its own deeds. of the best traits that comes with being human...


[1]Ofcourse, I agree that when nature furiously discharges its anger, he is still helpless even to this day...he still has to bear its brunt.
[2]Coz if people really want to, they could still overcome the comfort of Internet and socialize!
[3]Again I've not verified this. It's just a random guess given my understanding of the capacities of scientific community.
[4]Which at best is good for being written out here in my blog and nothing beyond that!
[5]Well, one lady in her mid-fifties gave me the first answer and that answer was the only exception.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


"విజ్ఞాన సముపార్జన దిక్సూచి వంటిది, దానిని సరైన సన్మార్గ దిశలో ఉపయోగించండి ." -- Anonymous.

 ("Attainment of knowledge is like using a compass, use it in the right direction a good way.")

Monday, June 27, 2016

Perception of time

I'm tired of being a mirror to people who I don't really care about anymore in my life. But, the problem is when I cease to be a mirror and try to get on with my life, it becomes hell. So I've taken this responsibility rather unwillingly for my own sake...for my own well being. Ofcourse, by being a mirror, I too evolved and the awareness so attained has been of great help to me too. I hope I've fulfilled this responsibility well so far. I hope so because, as I keep doing it, I seem to be getting in more and more sync with myself. I'm starting to feel more stable, of late.

That said, I'm really waiting for that day when this responsibility finally ends. I'm waiting for that day, when the people for whom I'm acting like a mirror don't check my blog anymore and are just fine with themselves and are able to move on, so that I can move on too. I don't understand the fairness of this dependency, but I know for sure that there is this dependency. Perhaps, those people too feel more or less the same way. Then it becomes a circular dependency, which I want to sever, in all my consciousness, by all means. Huh, who wouldn't want to?

I now know that the last four years of my life went into doing this very thing - cutting off this dependency. When I became aware of this and was able to fully understand it, I was able to put my Awakening process into a better perspective. I know why I'm walking the road I'm walking. Otherwise, doing it without understanding the essence of doing it becomes more of coercion and torture, not awakening by any means.

Anyway, I'm back to my responsibility and the title of the post - Perception of time. This link has good information on just that. It is more about the revelations of Mirra Alfansa, famous as 'The Mother' on her path of awakening. I'm sure many of us on this path have already encountered some of these ideas if not all. But the information there on that link does summarize the understanding better. I like the part on the need for patience, waiting and not rushing for things. Hope the readers too find it useful.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The freedom of uncertainty!

These ideas expressed by one of the writers on Quartz, reflect precisely the global mood on the uncertainty looming large after Brexit.

"..., but in the cold light of the morning after, freedom isn’t always such fun. When you “take back control,” there’s nobody left to blame when things go wrong."—Jason Karaian.

Brexit is such a big thing and I'm in no place to comment on its repercussions. But as the stocks plummeted yesterday after Brexit, one thought that struck me immediately was - "Viruguta peruguta korake" (Perishing is for growing again). That thought directly descends from my (qualitative) observation of (Indian) stock markets for about 1.5 years.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Such profound thoughts on 'fear'! Was really impressed with these quotes. Not that reading these quotes would bring some instant magic and energy in one's life. What amazes me is that though people through their life experiences have already unearthed such wisdom some centuries and eons ago, this wisdom still remains mysterious as it cannot be realised fully and put to use until we go through such experiences ourselves...

PS: All images borrowed from Internet. The author of this blog doesn't own any of them.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Just let me be!

I'm tired of this advice of "just letting it be!"! Trying not to control things and allowing them to unfold by being a spectator (the so called 'staying detached'), to me, sounds like trying to stay in control of this whole process of life by being on top of things never wavered by its flow!

To some, ignoring things comes some staying indifferent comes some questioning things, to some being extremely responsive to things and to some changing the course of things! Each of us has some natural traits... of course they might change over time, but those are the traits we have evolved to gain mastery over, at a given moment... meaning we exhibit those traits because we are comfortable exercising them.

Now, a spiritual guru comes along and asks  "Why don't you just let it be?" because he/she has gained mastery over that trait or because they believe that this particular trait is a tool to detachment and/or happiness. In that case I would have the same questions to them "Why don't you just let me be? By asking me to just let it be, why are you doing just the opposite of your moral?"

"Letting it be", to me, doesn't mean just allowing to pass through you whatever scrap that comes to you! Unfortunately that is how "Take life as it comes!" is being interpreted by some spiritual Holinesses! To me it is more about staying close to your truth and being able to hone or question that truth if your conscience says so!

But what if one's conscience itself is corrupted? Any person, whose conscience is corrupted has no way of knowing the same. Even when such awareness comes through external inputs there is no way he/she can appropriately act on such inputs. Accepting the inputs and repairing oneself or rejecting the inputs and moving on - neither of them is possible, because they only have the faculties controlled by a corrupted conscience at their disposal. The only way they can get on with this newfound awareness is to stay true to their frequently alternating truths. That's the best they can do... just stay true to their paradox not their truth!

When some force, external force that is, more powerful than their conscience takes "control" of them, that is when they can take either of the routes properly - repair self or move on - depending on what that external force wills to do!