Monday, June 20, 2016

Just let me be!

I'm tired of this advice of "just letting it be!"! Trying not to control things and allowing them to unfold by being a spectator (the so called 'staying detached'), to me, sounds like trying to stay in control of this whole process of life by being on top of things never wavered by its flow!

To some, ignoring things comes some staying indifferent comes some questioning things, to some being extremely responsive to things and to some changing the course of things! Each of us has some natural traits... of course they might change over time, but those are the traits we have evolved to gain mastery over, at a given moment... meaning we exhibit those traits because we are comfortable exercising them.

Now, a spiritual guru comes along and asks  "Why don't you just let it be?" because he/she has gained mastery over that trait or because they believe that this particular trait is a tool to detachment and/or happiness. In that case I would have the same questions to them "Why don't you just let me be? By asking me to just let it be, why are you doing just the opposite of your moral?"

"Letting it be", to me, doesn't mean just allowing to pass through you whatever scrap that comes to you! Unfortunately that is how "Take life as it comes!" is being interpreted by some spiritual Holinesses! To me it is more about staying close to your truth and being able to hone or question that truth if your conscience says so!

But what if one's conscience itself is corrupted? Any person, whose conscience is corrupted has no way of knowing the same. Even when such awareness comes through external inputs there is no way he/she can appropriately act on such inputs. Accepting the inputs and repairing oneself or rejecting the inputs and moving on - neither of them is possible, because they only have the faculties controlled by a corrupted conscience at their disposal. The only way they can get on with this newfound awareness is to stay true to their frequently alternating truths. That's the best they can do... just stay true to their paradox not their truth!

When some force, external force that is, more powerful than their conscience takes "control" of them, that is when they can take either of the routes properly - repair self or move on - depending on what that external force wills to do!

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