Saturday, January 23, 2016

Don't fall off the cliff!!

I happened to see this while travelling in a local bus. Translated to English, the poster reads - "The World's Christ on the edge of a danger".

Perhaps, the Christian group which pasted it there opines that the Humanity is at the edge of a disaster. Perhaps it wants to share some wisdom which might rescue humanity from it. To me it sounds like the disaster of self-destruction. Man is very good at it. Destruction - why does that happen from time to time? Is it because it is inevitable, that it ought to happen periodically? Is it because one entity benefits from the destruction of another entity? Is it because re-creation happens only through destruction and again is it because some or the other entity (sometimes that very entity that is being destroyed) benefits from such a re-creation? While all these might be true, none of them is a cause for destruction. Self-Destruction, I mean! Destruction happens only because the growth always leads to some amount of an anti-self within the entity. It cuts across the integrity or identity of that entity, at some point. (Infact I can't think of an appropriate word in English, in Telugu 'uniki' fits it perfectly well!) If the entity has to progress further, that anti-self has to be destroyed to safeguard that integrity so as to allow the self to continue...

Well, all this is the same stuff I have been writing for years, for reasons whatever. I don't even know why I'm writing it now again for the nth time in a different form. So, I leave it here without concluding anything from it.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

When a tsunami drizzles...

A Tsunami is expected to outpour itself, I mean the chaos it contains, but definitely NOT drizzle, right? But that's only on the outside. Before the chaos is vented out, apparently the disturbances drizzle on the inside and gradually build up into that chaos. For how long does a Tsunami actually drizzle on the inside then? The circuitry of the Earth, if one observes closely, is very pro-life. The preference (infact always, but to play safe, I'd say, most of the times) is to save as much life as possible. If you follow the Earthquakes happening worldwide, you would see that 98% of the disturbances vented out of Earth happen to be in uninhabited areas or if they do happen in inhabited areas, they are of a very low magnitude that do not hamper or even bother life in any way. Only an intelligent organism can manage its chaos so systematically. Oh, when I say intelligent, I implicitly mean, its living. How many of us on Earth consciously realize (let alone treat) Earth as a living and loving entity with a mind and soul of its own?

Anyway, back to drizzling. The way Earth handles the disturbances caused by actions of humans and also by the extra-terrestrial effects seem to be in such a way that, greater the disturbance, greater the tolerance it exercises. It's like an inverter circuit with an amplifier, wherein the input is the disturbance and the output is the tolerance. The disturbance is inverted into tolerance, multi-fold. To contain a disturbance of a given force, one needs tolerance of even greater force, isn't it? But then, how long can the tolerance continue to grow? There comes a time when this direct proportionality law is breached by the capacities of Earth, at one or the other level. That is when the Earth gears up to vent out its chaos, but again that too systematically. Now, one might ask why should the Earth endure such suffering to contain disturbances, when they need to be vented out some or the other day? Now, if the disturbances are vented out as it is, without processing them, as and when they happen, it's like not allowing life to happen, it's like allowing a pre-mature death to happen.

Death is inevitable, but if it happens at the right time, at a time when life is no more enjoyable and sustainable, it's no more death, but salvation. The human race might not know what Earth does in the background to allow its sustenance, but the pain and tolerance it takes, for the life to go on unperturbed by actions - be it of fellow people or of neighbouring planetary bodies, only the Earth must know. When a Tsunami executes on the outside, one either gets to experience the wrath in a split second or gets to enjoy the magnanimity of the destruction from a comfort zone, but to stomach such drizzle by containing the brewing trouble and simmering sizzle and perform the disaster management in such an earthly way remains to be the prerogative of Earth alone. No human can ever lay hands on such a distinguished responsibility.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kahaani - The Story

Yesterday, a song on "Paadutha Theeyagaa" show caught my attention. Dad follows this show but not as religiously as he did some time ago. So I happened to listen to this song from the movie "Anamika" and I was like how did I miss this song all this time! I watched the original Hindi movie - "Kahaani - A Mother of a Story" some one and a half years ago I guess...I do know that a Telugu remake was made, but somehow missed this song. The girl in the show made a brilliant job of it and I enjoyed the performance much better than the original song I guess. I'm on my way to check if that performance is online.

Coming to the original movie, the plot - though a brilliant one - is actually thin. I think its the execution of the plot that makes the story a brilliant story. I wonder if the story indeed is so brilliant that the movie deserves that name and tagline. If I were to name that movie, I'd name something like "Shoony khoj", "Khoj khaali khaali", "Pyaar tho woh gayaa thaa - Ab baaki kuch naheen" or something like that and would have cut the subtlety altogether (Yeah I'm not good at Hindi so I can't come up with sensible names!) The protagonist of the movie is in search of.....not happiness, but fulfilment of justice in her terms. If you haven't watched the movie already and plan to watch it, do not read the plot (the usual warning especially for Indian movies), go ahead and watch it straight, because that is all that remains to be revealed at the end.

Anyway, I don't want to write a review here actually, but I fell so madly in love with this song, that I have been listening to this song continuously since I heard it y'day. It happens, doesn't it, with all of us, wherein we like a song and listen to it again and again and again, yet don't get bored of it. Can you imagine reading a story, say a short story, over and over and derive a similar kind of happiness? Music seriously is divine, I wonder if writing is (thaaat divine! ;-)).