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Hi People,

I thought the following mail communication would be of some interest to you, hence posting it here.


date:Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 11:30 PM
subject:IMPORTANT - Precession of Equinoxes happening soon on Planet Earth - Evacuation operations "might" be needed!

Hi All,

NOTE: Since I'm not sure which party to address exactly, I'm mailing all the tentative stakeholders as per my awareness.

This is Mamata Anurag S from India. I have been experiencing Consciousness Awakening for the past 3 years since 2012. I have received Cosmic Guidance while on this path and have some findings to share with you, which I believe are relevant for people of two continents at large - North America & Australia.

I feel it is important for the scientific community to be aware of this now.

Purpose of this mail:

It is to invite scientific examination and verification of my findings and initiation of action (evacuation operations), if needed.


The event of Precession of Equinoxes (let's call it PoE in this mail) is set to happen on Earth, for Earth and Humanity to ascend to higher frequencies and thrust forward this cycle of evolution of human race into a Higher Consciousness state.

PoE involves the following:
  • Inversion of orientation of Earth's wobbling.
  • Reversal of inclination of Earth's magnetic axis - currently approx 23 1/2 degrees NW - from North-West to North-East.
  • Shifting of the planet into the next cosmic cycle in the "spiral" of cosmic expansion.
There are of course a multitude of consequences as result of this event, if it (Ascension/Shift) were to happen. But I don't intend to cover them here and leave it to the scientific fraternity to address them, for they are more eligible and skilled to do it.


April 26 - May 01, 2015, Error: +3 months (April - July, 2015)


While this is going to involve the planet as a whole, the parts of the planet that would most probably be affected are North America and Australia as a whole.


PoE is that point of time wherein Earth aligns with the galactic center through the inversion of the orientation of its wobbling.

Applying Newton's Law of Inertia to this scenario - "Every object remains in a state of rest or of uniform motion unless acted upon by an outside force" - Earth CANNOT change its orientation by itself and align with the galactic center. It needs external force. You may see it as a pull from extra-terrestrial forces, I may see it as Divine Intervention. Currently Earth is going on in a TANGENTIAL path at the end of its cycle and needs to be pulled into the right course (most appropriate for it) in the galaxy.

This involves Earth being put to a state of rest first, from its motion and then torque being applied so as to reverse the orientation/direction of - wobbling, magnetic axis and rotation, all the three - so as to align with the galactic center and thrust it (providing the initial impetus) so that it runs on its own course by itself.

This implies powerful forces will be acting on the center of the Earth and also on a particular "belt" on Earth so as to apply this torque. Enclosed is an image which captures this belt as per the findings I derived through the Cosmic Guidance.

This application of the torque leads to a state wherein the temperature of this belt on Earth varies between Absolute Zero (-273 Celsius) to extremely high temperatures (much greater than 100 Celsius) as the Core of the Earth and its Magnetic Field are acted upon.

This means that human habitation is impossible during this period in this region. That requires people being evacuated from these continents before this event happens.

How did I arrive at these findings?

While I've termed them "findings" all through out my mail, they are basically 'revelations' received and reinforced through Synchronicity alone. This too involves doing some science - observation, examination, acceptance or rejection of information received through the events happening around by repeated observation and verification.

My journey on this path is captured in this book - "Inside-Out: A Journal Out of a Spiritual Journey" (by pen name Smanu). But, I personally feel that this journey is irrelevant here in this context and does not require any examination, per se. What might be more relevant is to examine and verify these findings in the best interests of all of us here on Earth, in case you consider them worth an examination.

I have received this guidance primarily from the Cosmic Consciousness and Energy (I call them Shiva and Shakti respectively, the Cosmic Parents as per Hinduism).


We know how a speck of Interstellar Dust can obscure the observations of the Scientific Fraternity on Big Bang. Naturally, this prediction too has some probability of error associated with it. And the minutest of error might mean that the event shifts forward by centuries on the human time scale. But, even if there is a remote possibility of this event happening, it might not be befitting for the current Age of Reasoning and Science(Technology) to miss it.

In case you want to contact me further on this, I am happy to co-ordinate.

Thanks & Regards,
Mamata Anurag.


to:Mamata Salakapurapu
date:Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 12:38 AM
subject:Unsolicited Proposal :IMPORTANT - Precession of Equinoxes happening soon on Planet Earth - Evacuation operations "might" be needed!

Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for your email of February 11, 2015 to NASA.

Under Federal regulation, NASA is authorized to accept technical proposals for evaluation only under one of two conditions:  a proposal must either be (1) submitted in response to a formal competitive solicitation; or (2) presented as an unsolicited proposal.  The procedure for submitting an unsolicited proposal is described in a NASA guidebook located at  The concept you describe is not structured as an unsolicited proposal as defined by the guidebook.  Therefore, as submitted, it cannot be accepted for review.  These rules are primarily intended to protect patent rights and copyright privileges of inventors.

Also, included in the above Web site are the respective NASA Centers and their particular technical areas of responsibility under the section entitled, “NASA Research areas and addresses for submission.”  Perhaps you can address your questions directly to the respective NASA Center for an expedited response.  After you review that information, should you believe that your proposal would be more appropriately aligned with an area of research associated with a particular NASA Center, please forward a valid unsolicited proposal directly to that Center.  You are strongly encouraged to follow the instructions as outlined in the “Guidance for the Preparations and Submission of Unsolicited Proposals,” web site so that NASA Center personnel can process and fairly review your proposal.  NASA hopes that this information will be helpful to you as you pursue your goals.

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