Friday, February 6, 2015

Mahadev, for real!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Put your hands together to welcome Mahadev...Yes, you heard it right! Mahadev...for!

For those who don't understand Hindi, here is Shahrukh Khan, the famous Bollywood actor giving some tips on normal and real acting to Mohit Raina (the actor who played Shiva in 'Devon Ke Dev Mahadev') stuck with his mystical aura. Apparently this kind of acting, wherein Sharukh made the girls fall for him again and again on screen, is "Bayen haath kaa khel" for him!!! (An idiom which translates to "left hand's play" meaning one has such a knack for it that they could do it with their left hand - you see, at the origin of such phrases lies this assumption that this is a right-handed (right dominated) world!)

Looks like Mohit was really overwhelmed sharing the stage with Sharukh Khan! So overwhelmed that, while signing off, he actually says he has learnt that his name is Mohit Raina and that people would have certainly paid attention to it, LOL! Now Mohit: Please get hold of yourself! Perhaps that's not what you meant, but theoretically or grammatically (whatever), it sounds really funny!

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