Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dad's Art

Now that I have introduced Dad's voice to you, I must introduce to you another of his artistic talents - Portrayal Art.

Singing is a mere hobby for him, which he perhaps pushed deep into the back of his head somewhere. He was never serious about it. Infact he is never serious about nurturing his Art either. But as a child, I did see him spare some time for Art. I mean atleast he tried to continue it in his free time.

Here are some snapshots of the same:

The first two and the last one were sketched even before I was born. There's a small story associated with the first one. Itseems my Dad's friend liked it so much that he insisted that the piece be sent to NTR. So Dad made 2 copies of it and sent the same to NTR. NTR signed on one of them and sent it back to the address from where it came. And that was Dad's friend's address.

You must be wondering what happened to the last one. That framed piece used to be there on one of the walls of our old house. During the reconstruction, in the transit and all it became part of a bundle of luggage and the mice chew a piece of it :-). I think we unearthed it after I came back from Sweden in 2008.

I have some ideas for Dad's Art during his post-retirement period. Should see how it goes :-)

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