Sunday, May 17, 2015

Knot of nothing - Twirling in time

(Continued from Correction and Convergence post...)

Looks like the hourglass is running out of its grains of time. The pendulum seems to be oscillating slowly and steadily back to its equilibrium point.

Remember that diagram with double vortex? There's a knot in middle which is indicative of 'nothing'. That knot of 'nothing' perhaps has the capacity to burst out into anything and everything, any dimension it could take, any amount of energy it could open up to (if you are willing to nurture it, I on my part have no patience left to do so)...That knot of nothing has been piercing for a long time during the stabilization phase I was referring to. Well, wouldn't it be overambitious for anyone to expect the stabilization phase to complete so fast within a fortnight or a month? So, it did continue for a long time since then and it still continues to happen.

The "correction and convergence" principle did help me to stabilize almost until April end, but after that, new things had to be found out, since the process was taking new turns. I say this only in hindsight, but until recently I tried the same technique and it was not too helpful. So, I meditated on this knot of 'nothing' in the hope that perhaps the knot itself could enlighten me on how to deal with it. The following is the info I felt/received and it seems to work well so far.

The knot of 'nothing' needs 'everything' to balance it. Yes, it needs infinity. Sit in a squatted position, close your eyes and relax yourself. Now imagine a loop of infinity from your head to spine....not the usual infinity, but infinity rotated by 90 degrees - like a circuit of shape 8 or let's say like these p-orbital lobes. But imagine not a closed-ended infinity, but an open-ended infinity. Let, the top lobe have a small opening above your head. So, it's like a wire which is inserted inside you to form the lobes of infinity.

I start from my left side and imagine a tiny tiny lump of consciouness or energy (doesn't matter right when it's that tiny! So let's call it Conscergy) entering from my head. I then allow it to traverse this 8-shaped-circuit (infinity), touching the knot of nothing at the base of my spine and exiting my head from the right-side end-point (going back to the Universe from where it came!). And so I repeat. So, the tiny lump of Conscergy repeatedly traverses infinity to stabilize the knot of 'nothing'.

After a couple of days, when the knot kind of stabilizes, rotate back the infinity by 90 degrees again so that you have a flow of straight infinity lobes (a closed-ended one this time!) across your Anahata chakra. You may now alternate between these two as per the results you observe.

Probably, the knot of 'nothing' by itself is devoid of knowing/awareness/consciousness. It's nothing after all. So, it doesn't seem to know how to stabilize itself in a being. The being (that is we) consciously needs to guide the knot of nothing so that it could stabilize in that being.

Now, that is what works for me. I don't know where exactly your knot of nothing is having a hell of a time trying to reside in you. So, I don't know what works for you. Though, for the opposite group, my vague guess is that, it's an inverted circuit. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be able to explore what works best for you.

That's it for now, from me! When the kaal stabilizes inside us, (it seems) the MAHA KAAL takes over! Can't wait to see/experience how this most phenomenal event of all times unfolds! Get set world!!!

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