Friday, January 6, 2017

That Generation Gap!

So there was this Digg Newsfeed - "Imagine A World Where Gen X-ers Love Millennials".

While I agree that every generation keeps complaining about its next generation, there is certainly a sudden shift between the generations on the either side of the millennium. While every generation goes ahead of its previous one in some or the other way, the current generation seems to have taken a giant leap from where its previous generation stood. If the sheer acceleration of the next generation invites a complaining trait from its predecessors, it's no wonder that the Gen-Xers tend to dislike or even hate Millennials especially in those instances where the latter made their lives complicated.

Even when it comes to the Parent-Child relationship between these two generations, while the 'love' element still remains, perhaps the Gen X-ers are proud of their Millenial children more due to their own hard work they invested on them rather than due to the accomplishments of the latter. Yeah, I know I generalised it there. But just general terms...that generation gap this one time seems to be pretty wide.

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