Saturday, December 27, 2014

Time and Time again!

That title was borrowed from Dec 09th's 'Daily Digg' update. But since we dealt with time yesterday and are going to deal with time again today, the title is appropriate nevertheless.

I don't have much to add actually. This link which comprehensively presents a 'Two Future' model - flowing from Second Law of Thermodynamics, the certainty of increasing Entropy, the essence of tending to crawl back to equilibrium, presenting a possibility of two epochs, two temporal paths, two arrows of time travelling opposite to each other...observing the possibility of we being the past of another Universe - is all that I wanted to share. The initial comments are also well worth a read, especially the links shared by one anil rajvanshi were very interesting.

Ah, one more thing. A minor clarification about the choice (between being frozen in time or engaging in time to eat three years in one year) part discussed towards the end of y'day's post. There were obviously some constraints assumed at my end, which I did not bother to elaborate. I'd of course make that choice in such case of critical resource status where in resources are not abundant and their efficient usage is of crucial importance for further survival. If the resources are really abundant or at least haven't exhausted to the point of a trade-off decision, the latter naturally makes for an easy choice for most of the day-to-day survival conditions.

One more note. This is specifically for my old readers. I'm not going to make any book out of this further writing, so don't worry and please feel free to interact here. I expect my writing here on to be far far more casual than what I did before. If you already thought the first innings itself was too casual by your standards, then you are bound to be disappointed henceforth, so please help yourselves by staying away from this space.

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