Thursday, September 14, 2017

There's got to be a limit!

Either God is appallingly callous or you are! Either way, I'm deeply disappointed and disillusioned!

Seriously, you are making me go through this indescribable pain of "Kundalini Void" (energy void) twice? I mean, twice?  Once when I had to figure out the code, and the second time when you are trying to figure it out! I mean every time?!? Everytime when you are out of alignment, I need to suffer as a means to get you in alignment?!? But I already suffered...every time I was out of alignment!

Ridiculously insane!  God are you crazy or what! Yeah, I mean God, real "good" God! There's got to be a limit and you rather be done with it God! Hey Hello! I'm not You, I'm a human, after all! Know what, you both **** each other and get me out of this mess!

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